February 2021

The VAT Deferral Scheme
February 11th saw HMRC announce their next COVID-19 support scheme for businesses, the VAT Deferral Scheme. Designed to help with cash flow, the scheme allows businesses to defer their VAT liabilities generated between the 20th of March and 30th of June 2020. In this blog we explore the scheme further, explain how to register, and give you other essential information. How does the new scheme work? The full deferred VAT payment was due to HMRC [...]
Your options when working inside IR35
April’s IR35 reform isn’t too far away, and now is a good time to start thinking about what you’d do if you were to be found inside IR35 and the possible impact this could have on your take home pay. In this blog we give you a general overview of your options and the facts. Option one – Work under an Umbrella company If you’re found inside IR35 your best option may be to work [...]
Should you say no to IR35 contracts?
April’s IR35 legislation changes aren’t too far away, and if you’re faced with a contract that’s inside IR35 what will you do? Will you reject it, challenge it, or take it? How do you know if that’s the right decision? In this blog we look at the different circumstances that might lead you to refuse an inside IR35 contract, and why you should always consult your decision with your contractor accountant. Each contract is unique [...]