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Should you say no to IR35 contracts?
April’s IR35 legislation changes aren’t too far away, and if you’re faced with a contract that’s inside IR35 what will you do? Will you reject it, challenge it, or take it? How do you know if that’s the right decision? In this blog we look at the different circumstances that might lead you to refuse an inside IR35 contract, and why you should always consult your decision with your contractor accountant. Each contract is unique [...]
How to challenge your client’s IR35 status determination
From April this year, the way in which both private and public contract IR35 statuses are determined will be exactly the same. The rules for how they’re determined won’t change, but the person in charge of that decision will. In this blog we re-examine what’s changing, and how to go about challenging a client / end-hirer’s decision if you feel your status has been incorrectly determined. It’s up to the end-hirer / client It’s now [...]
Essential IR35 FAQs for April 2021
Be ready for April’s changes, with our essential IR35 FAQs. First things first, what’s changing? The way in which private sector contracts IR35 statuses are determined will be brought in line with the current way in which public contracts are. So it will be the end-hirer / client’s decision on whether a contractor is ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ of IR35, and the contractor themselves is totally taken out of the process. The end-hirer / client will [...]
Taxevo’s Director, Marc Seymour to be a guest speaker at The Freelance Festival 2021
The Freelance Festival is a free online event, designed for the self-employed. It gives freelancers just like you the chance to hear from other freelancers and small business owners who share their success stories, know-how and words of wisdom. The event provides a wealth of accessible online content, including how to grow your business, choosing the right tech, managing your finances and how to find your motivational mojo when things get a bit choppy. This [...]