June 22, 2022

How to borrow money from your Limited Company and the associated tax risks
You may find that from time to time you’ll need to borrow money from your Limited Company, so how do you go about doing so, what are the risks and is there anything you need to be aware of? In this blog we explore all that, to help you understand the process and associated risks before taking money from your company. How does it work? Regardless of the loan period or amount being borrowed, the [...]
Taxevo’s 7 top tips for contractors and freelancers to reduce your income tax bill in 2022
The sunshine is finally here, hooray! And whilst your mind might be jetting off to hotter climates, sandy beaches, and cold fruity drinks, it’s a good time to take stock of your tax and whether it’s working as hard as it possibly can for you. This blog explores the top 7 things you can be doing to minimise your income tax bill in 2022, and in turn maximise your contractor or freelancer take home pay. [...]
5 top ways in which you can manage multiple clients as a contractor or freelancer
5 ways to manage multiple clients as a busy contractor or freelancer Having lots of clients needing your expertise is a great position to be in, as it enables you to have more variety in your working week, increases your skillset, keeps you busy with work and ultimately means more income. So whilst all these points make having multiple clients sound like a positive thing, there are a few negatives you’ll need to keep an [...]