Integrated apps – the smart way to manage your business finances

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Integrated apps – the smart way to manage your business finances

As a freelancer you might well have multiple apps and resources you use to manage your business. Bringing them all together to work seamlessly could prove a challenge.

At Taxevo we partner with FreeAgent to provide you access to their online platform for managing your business finances. Here we take a look at some of the other services that integrate with FreeAgent.


The first key integration with FreeAgent is your business bank account. It will make your life much easier and reduce admin time if your bank account links to FreeAgent. Transactions are imported on a daily basis and removes the need for you to manually input your banking data.

Most of the main high street banks have Open Banking which means the transactions will pull through daily.

The challenger banks, like Mettle and Starling, have their own integration with FreeAgent so that the transactions are uploaded into FreeAgent.


You may want to use additional software apps to record your expenses separate to FreeAgent. Tools like ReceiptBank and AutoEntry.

Both allow you to manage your bookkeeping and then upload the information into FreeAgent.

Payment Solutions

If you want to take payments from clients automatically then you can connect GoCardless to FreeAgent to allow for collection of invoices by direct debit. This can help with recurring payments that you collect each month.

FreeAgent also links with Stripe, which allows you to accept credit card payments on the web.

Both these options will allow you to ensure timely cash collection from your clients – crucial to running a business. Liked to this you can also integrate productivity tools such as DoubleAgent which allows you to auto-reconcile payouts from GoCardless and Stripe.

FreeAgent also integrates with Goodtill for those who have till receipts and with Shopify for those who sell online. Both help moving your sales data across to FreeAgent.

Project Management

Project management tools can play a key role for a freelancer. Solutions like Basecamp and Cushion integrate with FreeAgent to allow you to bring across contacts and projects into FreeAgent.

At Taxevo we are always looking at ways we can provide different business support tools. If you are interested in any of the tools mentioned in this blog, please contact us to discuss how it can work for your business.