Treating yourself and staff to a summer social – what you can claim as a business expense
The sun is shining, almost everything is open again and it finally feels like summer, hooray! You’ve worked hard throughout the pandemic and now that we’re all allowed to socialise again, it’s a good time to get out and enjoy everything that’s available to you. So whether you’re contracting or freelancing alone or you have employees, you’re able to claim some of the cost from HMRC. But before you go ahead and order the champagne [...]
Taxevo’s Director, Marc Seymour to be a guest speaker at The Freelance Festival 2021
The Freelance Festival is a free online event, designed for the self-employed. It gives freelancers just like you the chance to hear from other freelancers and small business owners who share their success stories, know-how and words of wisdom. The event provides a wealth of accessible online content, including how to grow your business, choosing the right tech, managing your finances and how to find your motivational mojo when things get a bit choppy. This [...]