Most popular freelancer/contractor guides

Guide to freelancing and contracting – free downloadable guide

Making the jump from permanent employment to freelancing or contracting can be daunting. It is important that you understand everything before making a change.

Expenses guide

It is important to understand all the business expenses you can claim when running a limited company.

Guide to IR35

The Intermediaries Legislation, also known as IR35, deals with “disguised employment”. Find out what that means and how it could affect your business here.

Other contractor guides

Conduct of employment agencies legislation

Should you opt in or out of these regulations? We explain what the conduct of employment agencies regulations are and what you need to know.

Guide to onshore agency reporting requirements

It’s a requirement for all employment intermediaries and agencies to report details about their contractors on a quarterly basis. Here’s what you need to provide.

Pensions and automatic enrolment guide

To comply with the Pensions Act 2008, employers need to operate a workplace pensions scheme and make contributions to it. This is known as automatic pension enrolment. Learn what your legal duties are here.

The Cycle to Work Scheme

Learn what the Cycle to Work Scheme is and how you could benefit as a contractor.

Using your home as your office

Are you using your home as your permanent workplace? Learn how much you could claim for a home office here.

Guide to the VAT flat rate scheme

The Flat Rate Scheme is a simplified way to account for VAT charged to clients. Here’s how you can join it and make your tax work smarter for you.

The 24 month rule

The 24 month rule deals with claiming expenses at temporary workplaces. Find out how much you can claim (and for how long) here.

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